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DateWeb PageChanges Made
09/18/2008All HTML membersCreated the Simmonds page and updated every html page re: index
12/06/2006All WebsiteMoved from Adelphia to Comcast
12/21/2004Beth, LynnReCreated the total pages
2/06/2004LynnAdded pic, removed 3 old pics
2/05/2004IndexRobin's family at Pearl Harbor
9/23/2003Index, JohnAdded pics of Zachary Walking
9/23/2003Index, BethMoved Beth's Picture to her page
8/23/2003ReunionUpdated 2003 Photo's 
6/13/2003BethAdded the Tyler Family pic
5/28/2003JohnAdded 2 pics and removed 4
5/13/2003BethAdded Beths Wedding Pictures
4/25/2003TheBoysAdded hockey player pic
4/16/2003JohnAdded 5 month family pic
2/24/2003LynnAdded pic of Lynn and Kyra
2/23/2003BethAdded Beth's Wedding Invitation
2/20/2003HomeAdded pic of Zachary
2/19/2003St JoesAdded pics
2/17/2003SuzanneAdded Chantilly Pics
2/17/2003St JoesAdded 9 am Choir Pic
2/3/2003Whats NewAdded this page
2/1/2003John Added pic of Zachary and Bears