Anne Murray

MUSIC(Midi):  Could I have This Dance   


Many Thanks to Karen Millham for acquiring this pic for my retirement; and thanks to my 8th cousin Anne for autographing it to me.

Kathy and I visited the Anne Murray Museum in Springhill, Nova Scotia. This is where Anne was born and raised. We had the pleasure of speaking with Anne's mother Marion. She is a wonderful lady. I have always admired Anne and I enjoy all her songs.


This chart shows how John Fisher and Anne Murray are related

thru the ACADIAN Belliveau Family.            

                                               Antoine Belliveau       <--- Departed from Vienne,

                                         Born 1621                    France and settled in

                                        Marie Andree Guyon              Port Royal, Acadia

                                       |                     about 1650.

               Jean Antoine Belliveau

                 Wed 1671 in Port Royal, Acadia

               Marie Jeanne Bourg



       |                                         |

Jean Charles Belliveau    Sib   Charles Belliveau

  Wed 1696 in Port Royal          Wed 1699 in Port Royal

Madeleine Melanson              Marie Melanson

       |                                            |

Pierre (Piau) Belliveau   1st   Margaret Belliveau

  Wed 1728 in Port Royal          Wed 1725 in Port Royal

Jeanne Gaudet                   Joseph LaNoue

       |                                          |

Joseph (Jospiau) Belliveau 2nd  Margaret LaNoue

                 Wed about 1773                     Wed 1772 in LaPrairie, PQ

Marie Josephe Gaudet            Charles Granger

       |                                          |

Pierre Belliveau          3rd   Marie Granger

  Memramcook NB                   Wed 1784 in L'Acadie, PQ

Margaret Bourque                Pierre Hilaire Leblanc

       |                                            |

Maximin Belliveau         4th   Joseph Leblanc

  Memramcook NB                   Wed 1827 in L'Acadie, PQ

Justine Melanson                Osite Ste Marie

       |                                          |

Damien Belliveau          5th   Medard Leblanc

  Wed 1883 Joggin Mines NS        Wed 1862 St Valentine, PQ

Sarah Burke                     Eleonore Trahan

       |                                          |

Arthur Burke              6th   Vitaline Leblanc

  1881 - 1969                     Wed 1889 in L'Acadie, PQ

Mary Justine Beliveau           Louis Alphonse Bourassa

       |                                          |

Marion Burke              7th   Marie Anna Bourassa

  Wed 1937 Live in Springhill, NS          Wed 1928 in Burlington, VT

Carson Murray                   Arthur Joseph Poissant

       |                                         |

Anne Murray               8th       John R. Fisher (Poissant)

                           Bn 1945        Cousins   Bn 1940  Wed 1965 in Burlington, VT

William Langstroth                Kathleen Claire Desany

* Info by Bruce Murray          * Info by John Fisher

NOTE: ACADIA is now Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward

Island and Cape Breton.