My IBM Retirement Party

WOW, What a fabulous retirement party you all put on for me ! 

     First, I would like to thank Hans and everyone that helped him; and also to thank everyone who contributed to make possible this wonderful event at the Lincoln Inn, and also for the Gift Certificates to WaterWorks and Staples. It seemed to be so much more meaningful than those I have attended in the cafeteria in the past and It was so very special for  me. 

    It was so great to receive all your well wishes. I felt much love and caring from so many of you. I have been so fortunate to work at IBM for almost 38 years; and even more fortunate to work with such excellent people as you. I have been away just a month now, but I already miss the daily interaction with you all, and especially the walk at noon and sharing together at lunch. 

   As we all know, the current economic climate at IBM has had its up and downs lately, but I hope for and wish that all of you will get to retire from IBM as I have; and to receive such a wonderful retirement party as you have given me. 

   Anne Murray certainly was a highlight of the evening and I want to thank her for showing up and singing the Wedding Song. 

   Best Wishes to you all,      John

Cathy and Gary Grise

James, John Boyd, Lynn and Eric Fisher

Jan Leja and Carl Potter

Bill Lapier and Dave Guyette

Bruce Alvarez and Gary Grise

Judi Maculan and Ellie Potter

Kathryn Bombardier Nemkovich and Steve Meunier

Joel Bartley and Joanne Meyers

June Lais and Tammy Schilling

Amy Montague and Joel Bartley

Mike Cabral, John and Kathy

Al Kerner reviewing my IBM Work History

Ann Murray (aka Misty Mitchell) arrives

Anne sings the "Wedding Song", my favorite....

More of Ann, I mean Misty....

This SMS card is what started my IBM employment in 1964. We produced a 32K computer, the IBM 7090, that sold for $3.5 million. You can't do that anymore.

Bill Everett and I

With Joanne and Carol Polakowski

Ced Farrow and Ellie Potter

Gary Grise, Cathy and Kathy Heikel

Mark Weston, Dick Goff and Jan Leja

With Ann Iadanza,     Ms MCS/2

Bjorn and Annika (RTD) Haglund

Al Kerner and my manager, Kathy Kershner     Thanks Kathy...

Dennis Ste Marie, Judi Maculan and Carl Potter

Bill LOVES Cake !!!!!

Kathy Fisher and Cheryl Bushey

What the heck were they drinking????

Bruce, John and Dave

Amy Montague and Kyle "Buckwheat" Sarrazin

With Brian Bishop

Bill Lapier, Susan DeMay and I

Not now Hans.....

Hans and I have worked together for 20 years, since he transferred from Rochester, MN in 1982 and we took the bus or carpooled most of the time. Its been fun working with you Hans! I don't need my "Get Out Of MCS FREE" card anymore.

Thanks Hans for all the great pictures!

This will be an excellent way to remember everyone at IBM.

Best Wishes to Misty and the upcoming birth of her child...Caroline

Thank You Everyone!!!!!